What an amazing way to support local and get some super cool goodies! Bought the 6 pack kit and am absolutely in love with the Pohutukawa and Proseco Vibes fragrances… will work my way through them all. There was a tiny little delay with processing my order and they even gave me some extras as a token of good will – absolutely fabulous!!! Sharing and sharing wide – can’t wait to get the melting kit when they’re back in stock too 🙂 thanks guys. Sam Madison, July 2020.

Love my candle maker. My son Ari bought it as a birthday gift. Best present I have ever received and I’m having fun making the candles.
Great gift ideas as well for friends etc xxxx. Athena Glaros, July 2020

I am in love with these products! Such great quality and prices. I am having far too much fun 😁 Kristi, IL USA, May 2020

Just got this today, we are making our own candles for the house. This item is very user friendly! Sherry Lynn, USA, April 8 2020

Love the melter (it) saves so much time and hassle and I know the fragrance is perfectly mixed! Lara, UK, January 2020

This thing is brilliant! Most of the candle containers I am filling are 500ml and the jug holds just enough to cope with this size of pour. What impressed me most was the efficiency of the stirring function and this, together with the automatic melt temperature control and easy cleanup takes all of the tedious chores out of candle-making. And it’s so neat and compact. I couldn’t believe anything so little could be so good! Mark, Rotorua, NZ. January 2020

This product is quite outstanding. Apart from doing an extremely efficient job and making the process so easy and safe, It is a remarkably compact little unit. At first I was frankly skeptical that the funny little button thing in the bottom of the jug would be capable of stirring and efficiently mixing in the fragrance, but my doubts were quickly dispelled. This gadget is an absolute gem! My only suggestion would be an improvement to the pouring spout on the jug. When pouring a couple of 500ml candle containers I found that initially it was hard to avoid minor spillage because of the low angle of pour with the jug filled to the max line. I understand that a larger jug with a modified spout is in the works, so I will be watching out for this. For smaller candles around the 300ml mark though, this little beauty is absolutely perfect! Mark French, January 2020

Fantastic, the chandler candle maker is the best would be great for Xmas presents. Joanna, NZ, November 2019

Just to let you know my wax melter arrived yesterday! Such amazing service, so quick. From unwrapping to having four clam shells of Christmas Spice took just over half an hour! I totally love it and will definitely be ordering more….Thanks again, it’s a genius product,
Jane, UK, November 2019

I’d never been able to combine the scent well enough. My first candle was made (using The Candle Maker) and the scent was perfect, not so strong that it made me nauseated, and my entire Arizona room was filled will the perfect amount of scent. Absolutely love this wax melter. Abby, USA, 12/07/19

I am OVER THE MOON With the machines.
I swear I am so happy I reached out to you in the beginning, they are perfect. George, UK 10/07/19

I have tried the candle maker and I really liked it.
It is very practical as I always wanted to make samples to try new fragrances for my candle business. Anastacia, 23/04/19

Hi – I just used your candle maker for the first time tonight and it was wonderful! Sabrina 25/03/19

What a beautiful tidy wee machine and such a clever idea…I have had my eye on one for as long as you have been making them – no more pyrex jugs in saucepans of water fluffing around with a thermometer for me! Will be showing it off amongst my friends and putting in a very good word for you. Many thanks. Rebecca 29/11/18

I’m new to candle making and feel so lucky to have come across this for my first attempts! All my candles are coming out great and so easy to use…. Amy – 28/11/2018

Best investment ever!! Totally love my Chandler&me – all my family are getting candles for Christmas – and my house smells amazing as I am forever making them. If anyone has ever thought they would like to make their own candles, I highly recommend they purchase one – they will not be disappointed! Rayne (NZ) 18/11/2018

I love my candle maker, I have made lots of unique candles since receiving my candle maker. I enjoy second hand shopping and buying pottery vessels, china cups etc for my candles. Great for my home, gifts for friends and family. My candle maker is very safe to use. This Sunday I have my sister and niece coming over for a candle making afternoon, cant wait. Safe and easy to use for the whole family. Mandy (NZ) 10/11/18

I love this little machine, so clean and so easy to have a perfect candles all the time…Susan 29/10/18

This product is the best! It produces the most perfect pour, and the size of the product is perfect for the FREE candle holder you receive when you purchase one. I would definetly recommend this product to other candle makers! Kirsten 15/09/18

I’ve tried other methods such as in the microwave etc but never had any real success. This is amazing !! so easy and great result. Looking forward to making many more. Thanks for the great service Chandler & Me ..big thumbs up ! Kerry 22/8/2018

I would just like to say I purchased a candle maker and I absolutely love it!! Michele, NZ, 11/08/18

An absolutely incredible invention! The person who thought of this is a mastermind. This little gem of a machine takes all the guess work out of candle making – it’s just so easy! I love it so much I’m going to buy another one. Tina Neale (NZ) – July 14, 2018

Hi, I received my candle kit today in Australia….and I think it’s amazing! Absolutely love it. Renea Thompson – July 2, 2018

Hi there, I have just received my candle maker today and I love it!!!! Jo Harris – July 2, 2018

Love Love Love this wee gadget. Highly recommend to all. Tania Rennell – June 28, 2018

I received your candle making starter set for my birthday yesterday AMAZING!! Best birthday present ever. Kristie Manning, June 27, 2018

I absolutely love my soy candle maker! It was simple to use. Everything is measured out for you, so easy as! My children were also able to help by pressing the bottons so they felt involved and enjoyed watching it get mixed up. The smell easily fills the whole room. The candles do not smell cheap either they are definitely high quality. Great for making homemade gifts with. I will be purchasing more oils to try! Also the postage was super fast! It only took 2 days to arrive Zara, June 24th (NZ, via Facebook)

WOW, thanks so much for your wonderful product. It truly does make the perfect candle!! I am very impressed with “The Candle Maker”. Certainly takes a lot of work out of the process. Which is great now that I no longer do markets. If you are unsure about purchasing this, you won’t be disappointed. Hell even the hubby was impressed! Michelle, June 18, 2018 (NZ)

Oh my goodness!!! This is so awesome, I was so scared of trying to make soy candles, and not knowing the right measurements; but this has made it so easy for me to learn. Stephanie, June 15, 2018 (NZ)

I want to give this more than 5 stars, I am like a kid at Christmas. I purchased two one for myself and the other for a friend, and we used them tonight….both of us just love it and can’t wait to get them out and use them again. So simple to use….Don’t hang about and wander, just purchase this it is so good, you too will love it too I am 100% sure. Rae, June 12 2018 (NZ)

I love my candle maker, I have  a wee production line going most weekends now and am making loads and load of candles for gifts! Julie Sanders May 30, 2018 (New Zealand)

I am so happy to have purchased your Chandler and Me Candle making machine. No more double boilers, thermometers, pouring jugs to wash out. So simple to use with fantastic results every time. But best of all, 1 Jug to wash out. Simple, fast, easy to use, making candles has never been easier. Thank you Chandler & Me. Wanda Wilson (AU) – May 30, 2018 (Australia)

Absolutely love this product. So quick and easy and makes a perfect candle every time. Worth every cent! Emily – May 29, 2018 (NZ)

I have just used my Chandler & Me for the first time and it was fantastic. As a beginner I have previously experienced a wide range of problems trying to make soy candles from scratch (wet spots, frosting, ineffective burn pool size/ poor fragrance throw etc.). Taking the guess work out made candle making a far more enjoyable experience. It was a particular relief to not have a multitude of instruments to have to clean at the end! Within half an hour I managed to unbox my candle maker, create a lovely new candle and clean up too. My candle looks great and smells wonderful, I’m looking forward to creating more to give as gifts to friends and family. Bishin  – May 29, 2018 (NZ)

I was brought the Candle Making Kit for Christmas and I have never looked back. Each candle I make is perfect and the range of fragrances that Chandler & Me have, makes it a perfect choice as gifts for friends. Fast, easy and beautifully scented candles and such a fun activity to do with friends and family. Great Job Chandler & Me. Jane – May 29, 2018 (NZ)

The Candle Maker is the most amazing piece of equipment I’ve bought in years!! It takes ALL the guesswork or of making the perfect candle. I love it!! Ling Mitchel – May 29, 2018 (AU)

So easy to use and I love that I can make a candle while doing other things around the house. Lovely scents to choose from. Peony is my favourite! Heather Palei – May 29, 2018 (NZ)

Love love love my candle making kit – no fuss no mess and within a short time I have created a beautiful candle. Thanks so much – a great little machine and so easy to use. Sharon – May 29, 2018 (NZ)

Awesome product, my son loves making candles as well and I feel more at ease with him using this… rather than a double boiler…well done.. and thank you!! 👏👏 Pani Tepaki‎ May 9, 2018 (AU)

I received my candle maker today and I’m honestly already in love!! Adelle 23/05/18 AU

Candle making has been easy and stress free… I have made a lot of candles and melts with the Chandler & Me. Put your SOY wax in push start and it buzzes at each stage to add fragrance, then when it’s time to pour. Produces high quality scented candles and melts. Excellent for beginners. Buy this you’ll be glad you did. Fantastic invention for the price. Great robust machine. maseyez1 (Google review) May 2018

Purchased for me as a Xmas present and I haven’t stopped using it. Everything is so easy and very clear instructions. I have purchased for a friend as well and she also adores her candle maker. Lovely Company to deal with. Keep up the good work guys. Jane Goodall 14/03/18

Love my candle making kit and Chandler & Me have been easy to deal with. Kathy Waugh, 01/03/18

I have really enjoyed using the candle maker, or I should say my wife has! The kit is an amazing bit of technology and it really does do what it says. The hassle and mess are a thing of the past. Just set and almost forget, hey presto the candle is ready in a jiffy…..lots of lovely smells throughout the house too…Rich Ellis, 28/02/18

Purchased the candle maker in January and was amazed at how easy it was to use. The candles are beautiful and the fragrances are amazing. I am even making them as birthday presents for friends. A must buy! Emily Willis, 27/02/18

I purchased one of your candle makers and it is absolutely fabulous! Tessa, 27/02/18

Love my cute candle maker looking forward to make more candles. Very professional team and thank you for the prompt delivery! Ofelia, Christchurch 27/02/18

Awesome…really love my kit and am looking forward to receiving my monthly refill. S.M Burns 26/02/18

Your candle maker arrived today. Congratulations, it is marvelous. My first candle is made, no fuss, no mess, and perfect result. And I have ordered my second candle. Marni, Coromandel 17/01/18

Love my new candle maker, thanks for designing such an incredible product. Onto my second c/andle this morning. Clare Ellis 27/12/17

I love my new candle making kit, it is so easy to use and no mess!! Very cool – Thank you Julie Moody 26/12/17

Thanks Chandler & Me I have just made my first candle 😊 the process was so easy I can see I am going to have fun and save lots of money 😊 The best thing is I said to my partner we have friends coming Saturday night what do we give them for Xmas? He replied a Chandler & Me candle and a nice bottle of wine. They can lite the candle and drink the wine he said!! Well that couple are sorted easy 😊 love this candle maker it is making my Xmas a lot easier thanks 😊 Julie Taylor 12/12/17

Very excited to have just made my first candle with the candle maker. It’s a very clever little machine and my engineer husband was also impressed. Will be requesting the free refill voucher as these candles will make great gifts. Mary-Anne Farr 5/12/17

The candle maker is fantastic. I’m loving candles, so its great. Sam (my daughter) and I made one this arvo, she stood over it pretty much the whole time watching it 😊 Go you 👍 Karyn Steinbring 10/12/17

It smells amazing. My Xmas gift to myself, the candle maker arrived today! And I made one straight away. Very cool. Lynda from Under the Hazel Tree 5/12/17

Love my Chandler/Candle Making Set…prompt processing and delivery for this too. Thanks guys! 😊 Antonia Croft 14/12/17

Loving my new Candle Maker, thanks Chandler & Me! Rachel Durbin 15/12/17

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