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Introducing the NEW release Candle Maker 2.0 complete with new added features such as a “large batch mode” and a ‘high heat” mode. The Candle Maker makes it easy for you to create small batches of beautiful soy candles with no mess and no fuss.
Please note that this product option does not include ingredients. For the complete starter pack with ingredients please check out this listing.

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Introducing The Candle Maker 2.0

Designed in New Zealand by experienced Chandlers, The Candle Maker automates all of the critical steps in the soy candle making process. There’s no need for pots, pans, boiling water, stirrers, and you don’t even need a thermometer, there’s one built in! This is without doubt the easiest way to make small batches of candles with no mess and no fuss.

The Candle Maker unit takes care of the heating and stirring of your ingredients to deliver the perfect candle every time*. With intuitive display alerts you’ll know when it’s time to add ingredients and when your candle is ready to pour. There’s no rush and no fuss, your candle maker will guide you through the candle making process and wait for you if you’re busy elsewhere. This is a must have piece of equipment for anyone that makes candles as a hobby for home use, gifts for friends, and even for small batch production of samples and testers in a boutique candle business**.

Why you’ll love your Candle Maker

  • Effortlessly make your own natural soy candles that look great and smell amazing
  • No bulky equipment or boiling water necessary, a very clean and safe process
  • Perfect for making small batches of candles for home, gifts, and samples
  • Use with our pre-measured ingredients, or use your own*
  • Candles will perform as well as a retail candle, if not better!*
  • Save a small fortune by making your own candles at home
  • Have fun making candles as gifts for friends and relatives
  • Makes two medium sized candles in just 20 minutes
  • Fast clean-up and easy to store

Why you’ll love version 2.0

The original Candle Maker has been so popular with budding and professional chandlers alike that we’ve added a range of new features to make it even easier to create bigger batches of candles, melt beeswax and other high heat waxes, and have fun playing with different functions. Don’t worry, the unit is still the same easy to use appliance as always…..but now with added features should you require them as your candle making journey progresses.

  • Introducing “large batch mode”. Purchase the optional large pitcher and use this mode to melt up to 32 fl oz of wax and fragrance.
  • Get hotter with “high heat mode”. Now you can easily melt harder waxes such as beeswax and have the option to melt and pour plus stir in other ingredients**.
  • Variable “play” mode. Looking for some flexibility with your Candle Maker? In high heat mode you have the ability to ‘toggle’ forward and back through the various phases of the pre-programmed cycle. A creative mode where the possibilities are endless!

What’s Included:


Power supply: 110V version with USA plug is shipped within North America
Packaging: Packed in one box, Length 6.3″ x Height 7.5″ x Width 8.3″. Weight 2.9 lb.
Suitable for the following waxes: Soy, soy blends, palm, paraffin, beeswax

Ingredients and candle performance disclaimer**

The Candle Maker is designed to work with soy waxes for container candles, plus soy melts and tea light candles. Most of the popular soy brands work well in the appliance. Using high heat mode you can also melt beeswax, but not gel wax. The unit is also designed for adding fragrance and colorants. We also find that it works well with some of the popular melt’n’pour natural soap bases that are available from various suppliers.

**We include a “high heat” mode that is suitable for beeswax however it is important to keep the unit and jug maintained and well cleaned if using these harder waxes. Beeswax can become sticky and clog the stirrer, please keep it clean by washing with very hot soapy water.

We sell a range of ingredients packs that are pre-tested and pre-measured to work perfectly with The Candle Maker. You are welcome to use your own locally sourced soy wax, wicks, jars and and fragrances but we are unable to vouch for the look or performance of your finished candle. We cannot offer technical support when you use your own ingredients, other than for the appliance itself.

Commercial use disclaimer and warranty:

The Candle Maker is designed for anyone that wants to make candles at home with less mess and no fuss. Use it to make candles for your own use, to make gifts for friends and family and for small scale production of testers and bespoke candles within a candle business.
We have many customers using the unit within their boutique candle businesses; in this setting The Candle Maker is perfect for making small batches of candles; for example to test wicks, fragrance load, and fine tune their recipe’s.
The Candle Maker is not an industrial grade manufacturing unit and is not intended to be the main source of production for a candle business producing more than 36 candles per week. If you make 360 candles per week, please buy 10 units!
Evidence of use on a commercial scale will void your warranty.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 21 × 19 in

1 review for The Candle Maker
(Unit + Pitcher)

  1. Doug Treadway

    Game changer. I LOVE this guy it’s the perfect size to not take up too much room but can get the job done. I pride myself on saying each candle is hand made in small batches and this makes those small batches so much easier! 100x worth it. Will be buying a 2nd one as soon as I can.

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