Soy Tea Light Candle Kit (With Fragrance)



Make your own 100% soy wax tea light candles with this easy to use kit. Simply select one of our stunning fragrances and we’ll send you exactly the right amount of soy wax, the containers and wicks to make 9 gorgeous tea lights. (Note: Candle Maker not included).



Our Soy tea light kits come with everything you need to make these easy high quality candles. The tea lights can be used to fuel any candle melter/warmer or can be used as a simple candle in decorative displays or candle jars. Dependent on your use you can keep your tea lights natural and unscented or you can use one of our fragrances. Our wax is 100% soy, so you know that you are getting a quality candle for a fraction of the cost.

And because we’re big on recycling you can even reuse your containers again to make more tea lights when yours run out!

What’s in the kit
  • A pre-measured packet of soy wax
  • 9 x tea light containers
  • 9 x tea light wicks
  • A pre-measured bottle of premium candle fragrance oil

Luckily we have designed the Candle Maker so that it can be used for many products so to make the soy tea lights, simply pour your soy wax flakes into your candle maker and follow the instructions as if you were making a candle. Once the candle maker process is finished remove the jug and pour the wax into the tea light containers provided. You will need to fill them to the top and then gently place the wicks into the middle of the candles by simply placing them in. Let the tea lights set and then store them keep them a container until you are ready to burn them.


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