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A popular accessory! The 34 fl oz large pitcher holds twice the wax of our standard pitcher and fits perfectly into the cradle of your Candle Maker. See instructions below.

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The 34fl oz large pitcher has been designed to be used with The Candle Maker and fits perfectly into the cradle. The newly designed spout ensures a clean and easy pour. This pitcher is supplied complete with its own magnetic stirrer.

Instructions for use with the Candle Maker

Feed in the flakes: Tip your soy wax flakes into the pitcher and press the flashing start icon on The Candle Maker unit as normal – if you are planning to melt the maximum capacity of 34 fl oz of liquid wax you will need to feed the wax flakes into the jug as it melts, this is necessary to avoid jamming the stirrer. Do this by filling the jug with wax flakes half to two thirds to the top, press the start button and keep an eye on the wax as it melts, keep feeding more flakes every few minutes.

Approximately 1.8 lbs of soy wax flakes will melt to 34 fl oz of liquid wax.

For those with the original Candle Maker you will need to run phase one twice: If melting the full capacity of wax you will need to run through the initial melt phase at least twice, this is because the unit is programmed to melt up to 17 fl oz of wax to the correct temperature for adding fragrance and you are now melting twice that. Once phase one is complete and the fragrance light starts flashing check to see if all the wax has melted; if not remove the jug wait 5 seconds and then replace on the cradle and push the start button again.
Once the unit reaches the fragrance flashing icon for the second time your wax should all be melted at the right temperature and you can then proceed as normal to the next stage of adding in your fragrance and pressing the flashing icon to proceed.

For those with The Candle Maker V2.0 you press the middle button marked “2” to start large pitcher mode: You still need to feed in the flakes gradually as above but you do not need to run phase one twice.

Magnetic Stirrer tips:
Each pitcher/stirrer combo is tested at our factory. There can be slight variances with the stirrers so we recommend that you always use the matching stirrer that comes with your pitcher and avoid switching stirrers between the small and large pitchers and other large pitchers that you may have.


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