Candle Refill Pack



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Buy this handy refill pack when you’re ready to refill your Chandler & Me candle jar. Simply select your fragrance and we’ll send exactly the right amount of ingredients. It’s that easy. Note this pack is only suitable for the Chandler & Me range of jars.



We’re big on reuse over recycling so we’ve made it easy to refill your Chandler & Me jar once your candle is finished. Simply select a fragrance and we’ll send you everything you need to refill your candle.
At the moment, our range of jars are all the same size, so we know exactly what you need. As long as you are refilling a Chandler & Me candle jar, your candle will be perfect.

What’s in the kit
  • A pre-measured packet of soy wax
  • A pure cotton candle wick (specially selected for your jar and fragrance)
  • A pre-measured bottle of premium candle fragrance oil

Gently scrape out any excess wax from your jar using a blunt utensil such as a teaspoon. Then wash the remaining residue from your jar using warm soapy water. Make sure your jar is nice and clean and dry, now you’re ready to reuse it. Follow the instructions for making a candle in your Candle Maker quick start guide.


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