The Candle Maker Starter Pack
(Unit + Pitcher + Ingredients)

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Introducing the NEW Candle Maker V2.0 complete with new added features such as a “large batch mode” and a ‘high heat” mode. The starter pack includes a candle making kit, standard size pitcher, and all the ingredients to make your first candle.

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The Candle Maker is a fun and easy way to make your own beautiful soy candles at home using eco-friendly ingredients and a stunning range of exclusive fragrances. You control the ingredients and the fragrance, making your very own candle in minutes, whilst re-using your jar, time and time again. What’s more there are no pots, pans, boiling water, rulers, measuring cups, or thermometers required.

The Candle Maker unit itself takes care of the heating and stirring of your ingredients to deliver the perfect candle every time, the intuitive display alerts you when it’s time to add ingredients and when your candle is ready to pour. There’s no rush and no fuss, your candle maker will guide you through the candle making process.

Why you’ll love your Candle Maker

  • Effortlessly make your own natural soy candles that look great and smell amazing
  • No experience and no bulky equipment necessary, a very clean and safe process
  • Ingredients are pre-tested and pre-measured to give a great result every time
  • Candles will perform as well as a retail candle, if not better!
  • Save a small fortune by making your own candles at home
  • Have fun making candles as gifts for friends and relatives
  • Our natural ingredients are good for you, and the planet
  • Reuse your candle jars time and again, less waste
  • Choose premium fragrances from Chandler & Me
  • Choose glassware designs to suit your decor

Why you’ll love version 2.0

The original Candle Maker has been so popular with budding and professional chandlers alike. We’ve added a range of new features to make it easier to create bigger batches of candles, melt beeswax and other high heat waxes, and have fun playing with different functions. Don’t worry, the unit is still the same easy to use appliance as always…..but now with added features should you require them as your candle making journey progresses.

  • Introducing “large batch mode”. Have you purchased the optional large pitcher? Now you can just press one button to melt up to 32 fl oz of wax and fragrance.
  • Get hotter with “high heat mode”. Now you can melt harder waxes such as beeswax, with the option to melt and pour right away or to stir in other ingredients**.
  • Variable “play” mode. Looking for some flexibility with your Candle Maker? In high heat mode you have the ability to ‘toggle’ forward and back through the various phases of the pre-programmed cycle. A creative mode where the possibilities are endless!

What’s Included:

  • The Candle Maker automated heating and stirring appliance (patent pending)
  • Pre-measured ingredients pack to make your first scented soy candle
  • Ergonomically designed Chandlers pitcher (16fl oz capacity)
  • Your choice of fragrance
  • Your choice of candle jar
  • Wooden lid for your jar

How to order

Simply choose your jar and fragrance combination and add the pack to your basket, it’s that easy!


Power supply: 110V version with USA plug is shipped within North America
Packaging: Packed in one box, Length 6.3″ x Height 7.5″ x Width 8.3″. Weight approx’ 4 lb.

**We include a “high heat” mode that is suitable for beeswax however it is important to keep the unit and jug maintained and well cleaned if using these harder waxes. Beeswax can become sticky and clog the stirrer, please keep it clean by washing with very hot soapy water.

Additional information

Weight 1.9 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 21 × 26 in

14 reviews for The Candle Maker Starter Pack
(Unit + Pitcher + Ingredients)

  1. Emily (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this product. So quick and easy and makes a perfect candle every time. Worth every cent!

  2. Bishin (verified owner)

    I have just used my Chandler & Me for the first time and it was fantastic. As a beginner I have previously experienced a wide range of problems trying to make soy candles from scratch (wet spots, frosting, ineffective burn pool size/ poor fragrance throw etc.). Taking the guess work out made candle making a far more enjoyable experience. It was a particular relief to not have a multitude of instruments to have to clean at the end! Within half an hour I managed to unbox my candle maker, create a lovely new candle and clean up too. My candle looks great and smells wonderful, I’m looking forward to creating more to give as gifts to friends and family.

  3. Jane (verified owner)

    I was brought the Candle Making Kit for Christmas and I have never looked back. Each candle I make is perfect and the range of fragrances that Chandler & Me have, makes it a perfect choice as gifts for friends. Fast, easy and beautifully scented candles and such a fun activity to do with friends and family. Great Job Chandler & Me.

  4. Ling Mitchel (verified owner)

    The Candle Maker is the most amazing piece of equipment I’ve bought in years!! It takes ALL the guesswork or of making the perfect candle. I love it!!

  5. Heather Palei

    So easy to use and I love that I can make a candle while doing other things around the house. Lovely scents to choose from. Peony is my favourite!

  6. Sharon (verified owner)

    Love love love my candle making kit – no fuss no mess and within a short time I have created a beautiful candle. Thanks so much – a great little machine and so easy to use.

  7. Corrie Cook

    This is candle making for dummies – even I can’t go wrong! Everything is pre-measured, the fragrances are superb (much better than other offerings) and with the finished candle container makes a wonderful, great-value gift. So pleased I purchased this – thank you!

  8. Sharon Fisher (verified owner)

    WOW!! My candle maker is a dream. No more steamy kitchen, constant stirring and checking of temperatures. Quick, simple and perfect results every time. I can’t wait to receive my next monthly subscription. I’m addicted.

  9. Mic Munro (verified owner)

    We were unable to contain our excitement and stayed up late making them! 🙏🏻 Thank you so much we are over the moon 🌒 with your service & the product.
    #chandler&me4life 💖

  10. Jane Cruickshank

    If you’re even looking at this website then you NEED this! It’s genius! I live in the UK so dithered a bit because of time and postage. So happy I finally ordered. It took about half an hour from delivery and opening the box and reading the instructions to having four clam shell wax melts. It’s idiot proof. Happy to hear they’ll be posting from the UK in the New Year so I’ll definitely be ordering more. Fantastic product and great communication from a lovely company. 5 stars x

  11. Oscar


  12. Mark French

    This product is quite outstanding. Apart from doing an extremely efficient job and making the process so easy and safe, It is a remarkably compact little unit. At first I was frankly skeptical that the funny little button thing in the bottom of the jug would be capable of stirring and efficiently mixing in the fragrance, but my doubts were quickly dispelled. This gadget is an absolute gem! My only suggestion would be an improvement to the pouring spout on the jug. When pouring a couple of 5ooml candle containers I found that initially it was hard to avoid minor spillage because of the low angle of pour with the jug filled to the max line. I understand that a larger jug with a modified spout is in the works, so I will be watching out for this. For smaller candles around the 300ml mark though, this little beauty is absolutely perfect!

  13. Sherry Lynn Williams

    Just got this today, we are making our own candles for the house. This item is very user friendly!

  14. Basdaye Harripersad

    Can’t wait for this product to come back in stock to buy 1. Am new to making candles and I am so excited

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