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Hi! We are Brian and Emma Simpson, creators of the Chandler & Me brand and The Candle Maker appliance. We hail from New Zealand, a country known for our clean green image and “Kiwi ingenuity”. We’ve been at the forefront of the the Soy Candle industry for many years through our sister company Candle Creations where we teach candle making and are the largest distributor of candle making supplies in the country.

Over the years of teaching people how to make soy candles we noticed that a lot of hobbyists were struggling with the many variables involved in making candles at home, often ending up with a lumpy looking candle and little scent throw. There had to be a better way!

So we set out to find a safe and easy way to make great quality candles at home with no hassles, no tricky calculations, or bulky equipment of old. Our goal was to make a machine that almost anyone can use to make candles that look great and smell amazing.
Well, we’ve done it!  Our Candle Maker enables you to enjoy the pleasure of creating beautiful candles for your home and as a gift for others. This really is candle making made easy.

Thanks for visiting our site, and a big thanks to all of our wonderful customers. There are now thousands of you around the world and we really appreciate your support.

Brian and Emma Simpson

Take a moment. Stop rushing. Just breathe.

One of our core values here at Chandler & Me is to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and embrace the little things that give us joy. Those things that feed our soul; like hanging out with a good friend, spending time together as a family, gifting and sharing experiences and moments, snuggling up with a good book and a cup of coffee for some “me time”. The Danes call it Hyyge, and we rather like it.

Lighting a beautiful scented candle in your home helps create a mood and a background for these moments. Chandlers (professional candle makers) have long understood the power of scent to alter mood and ignite memories and the world has relied on these chandlers to make our candles and bring us new scents, until now.

At Chandler & Me we’ve made it fun and easy to make your own beautiful soy candles at home using eco-friendly ingredients and a stunning range of exclusive fragrances. You control the ingredients and the fragrance, making your very own candle in minutes, whilst re-using your jar time and time again. We encourage you to create a little Hygge in your home, and don’t forget to share some with a friend.

Sharing the love

A Chandler & Me candle is perfect for your home but it is even better when gifted with love to friends and family. Your gift means so much more when it comes hand-made by you with your loved one in mind.

In our house we make and give our scented candles to friends and family as a way of saying thanks, sending our condolences, celebrating success, or just to say I love you! Any reason is a good enough reason to take the time to make a friend a candle and put a little light and scent in their lives.

The power of scent

Have you ever had a whiff of a scent and been instantly transported back to a moment in your life that was long forgotten? Perhaps a time of joy, wonder, sorrow, or excitement? This is the power of scent, to associate with memories and ignite different emotions.

The area of the brain that processes emotions, is tied to the brain’s olfactory bulbs, which process smells. This close connection in the brain helps make the relationship between smells and moods, scents and memories, quite strong. By creating and lighting a scented candle we can trigger these memories and alter our mood.

With Chandler & Me you have the ability to create your own scented candles and control the scents in your home.

Find your Hygge

Enjoy the simple pleasure of making something beautiful. Share the experience and magnify the moment. Gift it to someone and enjoy the smile you created. Know that you took a moment for you, and it cost the world nothing. Re-use and recycle, because it’s rewarding. Take a breath, close your eyes and let the fragrance wash over you.

We love candle making because it combines so many facets of a Hygge lifestyle. We get to be creative, we can be passionate, we can relax, and we can gift a little happiness anytime we like.

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