The traditional method of scented candle making requires a lot of gear and plenty of patience to get it right. You used to need pots, pans, double boilers, weigh scales, stirrers, a thermometer, a calculator, ruler, the list goes on! And that’s before you even start thinking about your recipe and ingredients list.

Thankfully, Chandler & Me changes all of that by incorporating all of the traditional equipment into one nifty little appliance that is easy to use, easy to clean, and looks right at home in your kitchen. Combined with our pre-measured ingredients packs, all the hard work is done so you can you enjoy the fun with no mess and no fuss. Check out the range of products below, all designed to make it super easy to make a natural candle in 20 minutes.

The Candle Maker

The Candle Maker takes all the science and fuss out of making candles at home, leaving you to enjoy the fun part and get a little crafty.

The Candle Maker is programmed to work with our ingredients packs and help you make the perfect candle, every time. There’s no guesswork, no complex measuring and very little mess!

Once you have your own your Candle Maker you’ll be able to whip up candles whenever you like, for yourself and as gifts.

This clever little Chandler handles the heating and stirring of your ingredients helping you make the perfect candle, every time.


Candle Making Kits

Candle making kits take all the guesswork out of selecting the correct ingredients for making soy candles, saving you time and eliminating potential waste and mistakes.

Our experienced Chandlers have sourced, tested and fine-tuned the very best ingredients for soy candles and matched them to our range of candle jars.

Simply select your jar and a fragrance and we’ll send you exactly the right amount of ingredients, pre-measured and ready to create a candle for yourself or as a gift.

Each candle making kit works in harmony with The Candle Maker to deliver a retail quality candle that looks and smells amazing!

Refill Packs

Pre-measured refill packs make it easy to reuse your Chandler & Me jar once your candle is finished. That’s good news for the planet and your candle budget.

Simply select the jar type that you have, choose your desired fragrance and we’ll send you everything you need to refill your jar.

You can even join our subscription service and receive a refill pack every month, you can choose to receive the same fragrance each time or take the “surprise me” option to try out new fragrances.

There’s no need to discard your candle jar once it’s empty, simply buy a handy refill pack and make another candle.

Quality ingredients tested by expert Chandlers, for you

The key to making consistently high-quality candles is in sourcing the best natural ingredients that work together to achieve a great fragrance throw, a clean flame, and maximum burn-time. We’ve sourced the best ingredients for you, tested them in the Candle Maker, perfected the quantities, and packaged them into a Candle Making system that will deliver great candles time after time.


With the power to set your mood or ignite a beautiful memory, fragrance is at the heart of your candle.
Created from complex combinations of scents, blended together to deliver a unique ‘mood’ and enhance your living environment, all our fragrance oils are made with a high density of natural ingredients to ensure that your candles deliver a ‘full-bodied’ fragrance throw during the life of the candle. Our fragrances are highly purified and Phthalate free, meaning you can breathe easy whilst enjoying your favourite scents.

Soy Wax

All Chandler & Me candle making kits and refill kits are supplied with exactly the right amount of natural soy wax for your candle. Our soy candle wax is natural, gives a smooth creamy finish and a great scent throw. Soy wax is plant based so any residue simply washes up in hot soapy water.

The Candle Jar

Your candle jar sets the style and becomes the initial focal point of your candle experience. Once you’ve filled the jar, it becomes your Chandler & Me candle, to give or cherish yourself. It holds the perfect amount of wax and has been tested with your ingredients, to ensure it delivers the perfect candle time after time. Choose from a range of of the latest jar options, with more being added throughout the seasons.

Wooden Wick Holder

Keeping the wick in the centre of the jar is critical to the performance of the candle. We could have given you a plastic wick holder, but that wouldn’t have been nearly as nice for you or the environment.

Pure Cotton Wick

The wick is the heart of your candle, and as such we wanted to keep it pure. That’s why your Chandler & Me wick is made from pure cotton, cut to the perfect length for your jar and designed to burn well throughout the life of your candle.

Doing the right thing

We LOVE candle making, but we love our environment even more. That’s why with a Chandler & Me candle you can be sure you are making a great quality candle in a way that reduces waste, promotes reuse of the jar, and utilises natural ingredients that are not tested on animals. 

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