Where do you ship to?

We currently ship to New Zealand and Australia. We plan to launch in the USA soon. For inquiries outside of these regions please contact us here.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We’ll dispatch within 24 hours of receiving your payment. You can then expect to be making candles within 2-3 days if you live in the North Island, 3-4 days to the South Island, and 7-10 days across Australia.

Do I need to buy any other equipment?

No, everything you need to make beautiful scented soy candles is supplied in your Candle Maker Starter Pack, Candle Making Kits, and Refill Packs. You don’t need any other equipment or ingredients.

How much soy wax can the candle making jug hold?

The jug can hold up to 500mls of melted wax and is capable of making bigger candles, we will be releasing bigger jars and pre-measured candle making kits throughout the year.

Do I need to have experience or any special skills to use the Candle Maker?

Nope, as a benchmark, if you can safely make a cup of tea or coffee then you can easily make a candle with our system….no experience required!

I already have my own jars and wax/fragrance, can I use these in the Candle Maker?

The ingredients that are supplied by Chandler & Me are carefully formulated, pre-measured and pre-tested to work perfectly every time, saving you the hassle. If you know what you are doing you can have a go at calculating your own ingredients and recipes’ for any jars and wax that you have. Please understand that we cannot guarantee the performance of your candles; for example, the wick that is supplied in our kits will not work in your jars unless your jar is exactly the same diameter and volume. Also please note that you may void the warranty on your Candle Maker should you use non-approved candle making ingredients.

What is a Chandler?

The ancient meaning of Chandler is “candle maker” derived from “chandele” meaning “candle”. A Chandler traditionally makes and sells candles and soap.