Where do you ship to?

We currently ship to New Zealand, Australia, the United States and the UK. All countries receive the correct voltage and plug for their region.

For inquiries outside of these regions please contact us here.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Standard delivery times (excludes holiday season and public holidays)
We’ll dispatch within 48 hours of receiving your payment.
New Zealand delivery times are 2 – 3 days if you live in the North Island, 3-4 days to the South Island (ships from Auckland)
Australia allow 2-5 days (ships from Brisbane)
United States allow 2-5 days (ships from Tennessee)
United Kingdom allow up to 14 days (ships from Australia)

Do I need to buy any other equipment?

No, everything you need to make beautiful scented soy candles is supplied in your Candle Maker Starter Pack, Candle Making Kits, and Refill Packs. You don’t need any ingredients unless you are purchasing the Candle Maker + Jug option on it’s own.

Do I need to have experience or any special skills to use the Candle Maker?

Nope, none at all. The Candle Maker is so safe and easy to use that our children (aged 8 – 13) regularly use it to make candles. This assumes that you are using our pre-measured ingredients packs. If not then you have some homework to do to work out your own recipes 🙂

Can I use my own wax and ingredients The Candle Maker?

The ingredients that are supplied by Chandler & Me are carefully pre-measured and pre-tested to work perfectly every time, saving you the hassle of working out your own recipes.  However, if you know what you are doing and how to calculate your own formulas then by all means go for it. In fact we have thousands of experienced ‘chandlers’ around the world that use our Candle Maker for making small batches of candles.
Please understand that we cannot vouch for the look or performance of your candles if you use your own ingredients; for example the wick that is supplied in our kits will not work in any other jar unless it is exactly the same diameter and volume.
The Candle Maker is designed for use with vegetable waxes (specifically soy wax) and is not recommended for paraffin of beeswax.

How much soy wax can the candle making jug/pitcher hold?

The small jug/pitcher that ships with The Candle Maker can hold up to 400mls (13.5 fl oz) of melted wax. This equates to approximately 330 grams (11.65 oz) of soy wax flakes.

The large jug/pitcher that is sold as an accessory can hold up to 1,000mls (33.8 fl oz) of melted wax. This equates to approximately 830 grams (29 oz) of soy wax flakes.

Tip! If you are planning to melt the maximum amount of soy wax you must feed in the wax flakes bit by bit. Melt some and add some. Do not compress or push the wax into the jug because overloading in this way can cause the stirrer to jam.

Why the brand name Chandler & Me?

The ancient meaning of Chandler is “candle maker” derived from “chandele” meaning “candle”. A Chandler is the head candle maker and makes and sells candles and soap, their workroom is called ‘the chandlery’.  The science behind candle making is programmed into The Candle Maker appliance so it’s like having an experienced Chandler alongside you when you make your candles.