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The Magic of Intention Candles

Lighting a candle serves different purposes for many people. For some, it can be a way to fragrance a room or to set a particular mood or ambiance at home. For others, it can be an offering to imbue prayers and to honor a Higher Being. Candles are used for many...

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The Art of Candle Making

Candle Making, Back in the Day A chandler is an expert in making candles. Back in the day, villagers would go to their local chandler to pick up their candles. In those days, candles had a more practical use, lighting homes. These days, most of us use candles in an...

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How Fragrances Can Bring Back Memories

Fragrances affect our bodies and minds in incredible ways. Ever had the experience of smelling glue and instantly feeling that wave of memories from your kindergarten years? Or have you ever caught the smell of freshly baked pie that sent you reeling back to your...

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How Fragrance Can Affect Mood and Psychology

There’s no doubt that scented candles are a great choice for adding sophistication and personality to a room. But did you know that the fragrance from a candle can do so much more?   Forget about the natural beauty of a candle for a while and let’s talk about how...

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