October 15, 2020
Quality Alert Follow Up

Manufacturing fault with magnetic stirrer mechanism

As you will no doubt have read below we have uncovered a manufacturing defect that could cause your Candle Maker to stop stirring properly. This is not a safety issue. The fault is related to the magnets within the main unit that controls the spinner in the jug, they can come loose and cause the stirrer to slow significantly and ultimately stop altogether. There is no such issue with the original model.

Over the last seven days, my team and I have been working with the factory to resolve this issue and develop a plan to get The Candle Maker back on track and on the way to you ASAP.

The plan as it stands:

Right now our factory is gearing up to manufacture replacement parts and air freight them to us so that we can fix the units on the ground in the USA, this is the quickest way. I do not have a firm date from the factory yet but the ball park is around 30 – 40 days to get them here. I will update as soon as I have a date. There will be enough parts in the first air shipment for us to rework all of the pre-ordered units including yours.

So you have two options;
• You can elect to wait and we will send your unit ASAP along with a 10% coupon for future orders of ingredients and accessories on our website.
• Or you can request a full refund.

If you choose to wait you don’t need to contact us, we will send your parcel as soon as we can. For a refund please reply to this email and put the subject line “refund” and let us know your order number.

I know this is such a frustrating issue for many customers and I am really appreciative of the support and understanding we have received so far. I would really appreciate it if you could hang in there while we get our product back on track but will understand if you can’t.

I will update you again as soon as I have more information and dates.

Kind Regards,


October 9, 2020
Quality Alert

Manufacturing fault with magnetic stirrer mechanism

Hi there, I’m Brian Simpson, the inventor of The Candle Maker. I am afraid I write this update with some very disappointing news. We have a problem.

Since releasing the Candle Maker 2.0 in New Zealand and Australia a few weeks ago we have uncovered a potential manufacturing fault that causes some units to stop stirring. This is not a safety issue but it can effect the proper function of the unit.

The manufacturing fault is related to the magnets within the main unit that control the spinner in the pitcher, they can move and cause the stirrer to slow down significantly and ultimately stop stirring. There is no such issue with the original model. So far we have seen this manufacturing fault appear in 6% of units sold but it possible that the problem could arise in more units over time, we cannot accurately predict this.

Knowing this, it would not be honest of us to begin dispatching pre-orders in the USA at this stage.

I am obviously gutted to have to write this post, The Candle Maker has been adopted by many customers in the USA and there are hundreds of customers that have been so patient and are now excitedly waiting to receive their new V2.0 machines. No one is more disappointed than me right now; I feel terrible about this situation we find ourselves in and I am very sorry, I will fix it but it is going to take some time.

Q. I have a pre-order, what do I need to do right now?
A. At this stage please sit tight. I have already emailed all customers that have pre-orders pending and am working with my team and our contract manufacturer to formulate a plan of action and put things right. I will email all customers again within 7 days and I will outline a process for repairs, refunds, credits, and other options available to you.

Q. When will the units be available again?
A. At this stage we do not know how long the repair process will take, but it is likely to be weeks. For new customers we will soon post a “waiting list” link in the product page so that you will be emailed when the product is available again.

Rest assured I will put this right and nobody will be out of pocket (apart from me) and we will be back to our usual high standard of quality ASAP!

Brian Simpson
Founder and Creator
Chandler & Me