There’s no doubt that scented candles are a great choice for adding sophistication and personality to a room. But did you know that the fragrance from a candle can do so much more?


Forget about the natural beauty of a candle for a while and let’s talk about how certain fragrances from candles can affect your well-being. As it turns out, certain scents have the power to positively impact your mood and do amazing things to both your mind and body! The Danes have known it for centuries, and they call it Hygge.


Our sense of smell is incredibly powerful and shouldn’t be underestimated. From boosting energy through to relieving stress or even enhancing mental clarity, the aromatherapy properties coming from a lighted scented candle can deliver psychological effects.


For example, did you know that rosemary scents produce aromas that can invigorate and energize? So if you’re you’re stuck with a morning fog, this scent may be your perfect coffee alternative! On the other hand, research suggests that lemongrass or spearmint scents help clear sinuses when you’re feeling a bit under the weather – handy, isn’t it?  And on days when you’re feeling blue, light up a candle with jasmine or grapefruit scent and you’ll feel a waft of joy and positivity.


By understanding the different effects of various scents, you can take control of your mood and light the candle you need to affect your mood.


Here we’ve listed some more scents that can benefit your well-being:


Apples can control anxiety


Studies on green apple’s odour suggest that the scent may help control feelings of anxiety during stressful headaches. Studies have also found that the smell of an apple may actually help ease a migraine too!


Peppermint boosts concentration


When you need that boost in brain power, peppermint scent is your best buddy. Studies suggest that a smell of peppermint motivates and improves cognitive stamina.


Citrus elevates positivity


Grapefruit, lemon, lime, and orange are used to create an atmosphere of cheer and positivity. A citrus smelling home also makes for a fresh and clean area. Which explains why lots of cleaning products are lemon-scented.


Lavender is the go-to scent for relaxation


The soothing and calming effects of this scent inspire sleep and relaxation and can help calm the body almost instantly.


Vanilla increases happiness levels

Aside from exuding romantic vibes, the scent of vanilla can uplift your mood and stimulate feelings of relaxation and joy.


Cinnamon brings mental clarity

Though it may come with a spicy and warm aroma, cinnamon scent is said to bring mental clarity and is also thought to be refreshing!


Pine scent brings calmness


This scent can have a calming effect that helps reduce anxiety and lower levels of depression or stress.


Using the principles of aromatherapy, scented candles can create the ideal mood and ambience for your home – or wherever you are! Remember that when thinking of buying a scented candle, it’s best to choose the fragrance that captivates your mood! Perhaps something to relax you? Or a scent to destress?


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