Candle making made easy

The Candle Maker is a fun and easy way to make your own retail-quality soy candles at home using eco-friendly ingredients. With no mess and no fuss you can make beautiful scented candles in just 20 minutes. The starter pack comes complete with your choice of candle jar and fragrance plus pre-measured ingredients to make your first soy candle. It’s so easy!

Make your own
premium quality candles

You’ll be amazed at just how easy it is to craft your own beautiful candles right at home. As good as a bought one, if not better!
Enjoy them for yourself, or gift to friends and family. This is candle making made easy, affordable, and eco-friendly.

What will you create?

The perfect candle

Make beautiful soy candles effortlessly with the best ingredients that are safe for you and the environment. 100% Soy wax, Phthalate free fragrances, natural cotton wicks.

Pure soy melts

Did you know that some of the biggest brands of candle melts are actually made of paraffin? Make your own soy melts which are eco-friendly and last longer. Safe to use in your electric melter.

Soy tea light candles

Make your own 100% soy tea light candles. These are great for burning inside a decorative jar, an oil burner, or in a group to create that romantic ambiance around your home.

A gift that keeps on giving

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the candle-lover in your life? We’ve got you sorted!
This bonus gift pack includes the Candle Maker Starter Pack and everything they’ll need to make their own candles.
PLUS a bonus coupon for more ingredients. All packaged in a retail box ready to go.

What our customers are saying

I’ve tried other methods such as in the microwave etc but never had any real success. This is amazing !! so easy and great result. Looking forward to making many more. Thanks for the great service Chandler & Me ..big thumbs up!

Kerry | Victoria, Australia

I absolutely love my soy candle maker! It was simple to use. Everything is measured out for you, so easy as! My children were also able to help by pressing the buttons so they felt involved and enjoyed watching it get mixed up…Also the postage was super fast!

Zara | Geraldine, New Zealand

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