The Art of Candle Making

Made Easy

The Candle Maker Starter Pack

The Candle Maker is a fun and easy way to make your own beautiful soy candles at home using eco-friendly ingredients and a stunning range of exclusive fragrances. The starter pack comes complete with your choice of candle jar and fragrance plus pre-measured ingredients to make your first soy candle. PLUS you’ll receive a bonus second ingredients kit absolutely free.

Make candles at home with ease

Purchase a Starter Pack

As the name suggests, this is the place to start. Purchase a starter pack, consisting of The Candle Maker machine plus all the ingredients to create your first scented candle, and we’ll send a bonus coupon for a free refill pack. 

Claim your free refill pack

If you’ve received your starter kit then you’ll have in your hand a coupon for a free refill pack. Simply click below, choose your desired fragrance then complete your details and a candle refill pack will be with you quick smart.

Make more candles

Once you’ve made a couple of candles you’ll realise how fun and easy it really is. Time to put your Candle Maker to work by purchasing candle making kits (with jar) or refill packs to use with the jars you already have.

We LOVE making these candles -every week we make a new one with the kids and then enjoy it all week long – I always loved having scented candles in the house, but making them myself saves me a fortune!

Emily, Greenhithe

WOW – what fun! I couldn’t believe how quickly I could make a perfect candle. Just 20 minutes and all done. I’ve made candles at home before, but this saved all the measuring and the mess and the faff!

Lucy, Auckland

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